Mission Statement

The Baraga County Shelter Home, Inc. implements an empowerment philosophy and respects the autonomy of domestic/sexual violence survivors in that we closely follow, and implement the Mission Statement and Philosophy of the Shelter Home, by using them as our constant, daily guide.

The mission of the Baraga County Shelter Home, Inc., a non-profit organization, is to provide a Shelter Home for victims of domestic violence and their children. Also, to assist these victims in obtaining information about and advocacy with, legal services, financial assistance, provide for emergency medical needs, and housing if applicable.

The Baraga County Shelter Home, Inc.  has established itself as a place to which victims of domestic violence and their children have turned in their time of need. We have a vast network of community support. Although at this time we are only able to house female victims and their children we will not turn away male victims. We will find alternative housing for male victims in their time of need.

Mission Statement

Being aware that good health and well-being of a victim is crucial to a healthy community we provide a wide variety of services to ensure the safety and well-being of these victims and their children.

The Baraga County Shelter Home, Inc. recognizes Domestic Violence as an egregious crime, and its’ staff members present several educational workshops and trainings on domestic violence, throughout the year to several area agencies, as well as to church groups and civic organizations.  We provide each victim with assistance in realizing their potential as a human being. We encourage self-esteem, peaceful non-violent resolution to conflict, and the reversal of sexist and racist dominance in social structure. 

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